Vermicompost turns expired fruit and paper waste into nutrient-dense fertilizers for your garden. It’s “Black Gold” for you and the environment.

Our Vermicast is used as an organic fertilizer in container mixes, greenhouse mixes, potting soils, box gardens, and any other general soil preparation. Our blend is local and powerful. Vermicast enhances plant growth, suppresses disease in plants, increases porosity and microbial activity in soil, and improves water retention and aeration. Our Vermicast will not harm people, plants, or animals. Vermicast only benefits never harms, and will never burn. The microorganisms in vermicast ensure healthy soil for your healthy plants!

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Vermicompost Process

Vermicomposting is no small feat. While our equipment is made for vermicomposting, there are still many small details that must be calculated just right for it to work. The soil that the worms reside in must have the correct salinity, ph levels, moisture, and light for the worms to remain happy and alive. After the soil is to the standard of the worms, we can add the food, but they are picky eaters! The worms need material that is porous, not too dense, not acidic, and below 0.5% salinity. If the soil or the feed isn’t up to the standard of the worms, they will do what they can to escape the bin. If the conditions are right, you will have beautiful worm castings 22-32 days later!

Worm Casting

Worm castings are the product of the decomposition of recycled fruit, vegetables, leaves, and manure. Those ingredients are then broken down and digested by Red Wiggler Worms. We are proud to be one of the very few worm casting companies in Idaho and the only worm casting producer in the Wood River Valley.

Final Product

The end result of Vermicomposting is Vermicast, which is what is left after the worms completely break down the material! The reason why Vermicompost is considered “black gold” is because it is packed full of water-soluble nutrients. When added to the soil that your plants are already rooted in, it acts as a nutrient-dense, organic fertilizer, as well as a soil conditioner. When your plants are exposed to water and vermicast, they are being given access to the best nutrients around. Vermicast is for anyone! It is used on farms in larger quantities and is also popular among gardeners and green thumbs alike, who are just looking to take the best possible care of their plants.

What You Get Out Of It

Our vermicast helps the Wood River Valley’s food waste problem.

Our team heads to the local grocery stores of the Wood River Valley to pick up donated food waste that would otherwise end up in the landfill. Hundreds of pounds of food get donated to the Worm Factory every week and regenerated into a healthy compost alternative. Made with all-natural ingredients, our vermicast is here to serve our valley, you, and your plants.