Compost Tea

Compost tea is a mixture of nutrients and oxygen-loving bacteria, fungi, nematodes, and other microbes that live in finished compost.

Our recipe is completely organic. Consisting of liquid kelp, molasses, and fruit pulp, the tea increases nitrogen and phosphorus levels in the soil, specializing in promoting root growth.

Mycorrhizal Fungi & Predatory Nematodes

By increasing the population of mycorrhizal fungi and predatory nematodes, compost tea helps defend plants against a variety of microorganisms.

By doing these two things, the organic tea helps plants grow faster, increase yields, and improve their overall health, decreasing the number of pests and diseases they experience.

What is compost tea used for?

Compost has been shown to improve soil tilth, help soil retain nutrients, enhance nutrient availability, increase rooting depth, and suppress root diseases. It is the perfect all-natural fertilizer for vegetable plants.

Our compost tea will not harm any living thing that comes in contact with it — pets, wildlife, people, soil, or groundwater. Compost tea will never burn tree roots, plants, or leaves.